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Gemma Worrall Tweet
Gemma Worrall Tweet

Last week saw a tweet made by Gemma Worrall, 20, went viral in a hilarious and yet worrying example of how stupid the young generation of Britain seem to be. On a post written last week, the Salon receptionist tweeted, ‘if Barraco Barner is our president why is he getting involved with Russia, scary’.

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Gemma Worrall Tweet


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Gemma Worrall

Within 12 hours of being posted, this hilarious gaffe was re-tweeted almost 7000 times and has since received everything from Legendary status to death threats, now she reveals that she’s not stupid she’s got 17 GCSEs.


We’ve seen all before too many times, the young generation of Britons making public examples of themselves and it always seems to be the most attractive girls who make the most outrageous comments.

In her defense, the Blackpool beauty hit back to hear death threats saying she has 17 GCSEs including English, Business studies, Technology and Media Studies. Although this news story is very entertaining, it makes us look at the worrying trend of young people being subject to mass popularity and abuse purely through social media networks.

Most recently 2 girls were subject to massive online abuse when going to a fancy dressed as the twin towers. Unfortunately, most gaffes like this are often made my women, strengthening the stereotype of lesser intelligent women which goes against the recent celebration of international women’s day.

Gemma Woodall, the beautiful brunette claims that she is more intelligent than people are portraying her as and that people should take her tweet far less seriously. The reality is, however, this could be one of any young girl and is becoming a more frequent occurrence.

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