Avoid paying for Parking Tickets!

A woman from Poole has been given a 210 pounds of parking fines in 6 days by Poole council cameras but she believe that is a abuse of authority when it comes to parking fines and many cases of high penalties in parking fines have increase in the last 5 years, in our days, councils all over uk have been making a fortunes regarding to parking tickets that car owners have been paying every year.

Banter News parking-ticket  In the last years a noticeable increase in the parking tickers has been notice, they are more expensive and they also are more often, the major cities in parking tickets are London and Liverpool. Statistically was an increase of 4% in tickets issued but Sunday become to be one of the days that more parking tickets has been issued an increase of 13% from last year so there are no days that you won’t scape without a ticket.

In UK alone in every hour is recorded to be issued about 1200 tickets which means that in every second, someone, somewhere will be taking a ticket home and here is a woman that decided that enough is enough and contest the case against her which she has won.

So if you also think you been give an unfair parking ticket just because you were waiting for a gorgeous lady from an agency like http://www.xgirlx.co.uk/ then you have the right to contest the parking ticket.

So next time you go down south to have some fun with gorgeous models don’t be afraid to park but be careful because the council cameras are waiting for you and any false move they will take you picture and issue a parking ticket, plus dogging might also get you a ticket.

Jeremy Mitchell
Content Creator at Banter News
Jeremy is an online content creator and online personality.

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