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Celeb news on-line is usually always the same junk, the breaks ups, the copious amounts of rehab admittance and of course, the latest trends. Most of it I think is complete garbage. But because I’m a guy, I can’t help but look at the articles and blog posts which are filled with the half-naked stars that post up attention seeking pictures…. to feel sexy. Love them or hate them, some celebrities are just so sexy it’s unbearable. But that’s some, I think that the rest are just unimpressive really. There aren’t many that really grab your eye and keep it, a lot of people just say they’re hot because they’re famous.

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First, Lady Gaga. I’ve never seen her as good looking and I just don’t know why other people would either. The people that say she would ‘get it’, are as stupid as the outfits she willingly decides to wear. I’m sorry but she’s a no go.

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Secondly, Carey Mulligan. She’s 29 and she looks like a grandmother. I’m sorry but she’s just portrayed as hot by the media. I sternly believe that I could book a hotter girl than her for a fraction of the price I’d have to pay to give her a seeing to. Where do I get this logic from?

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Lastly is Sarah Jessica Parker, wasn’t attractive then, isn’t attractive now. I can’t see which who would find her attractive, no offense Sarah. I just find it stupid that the head role in sex in the city isn’t even played by someone that is sexy. fitter girl = better show. That’s why it’d be better to put Ariel up for the main cast, I know for a fact that if it involved her I’d generally be more interested in it. I’d buy the box sets!

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