Acceptance and Tantric Massages

Banter News thumbnail-13  Acceptance is such a powerful tool for everything you do in life.

  • Accepting yourself as you are now
  • Accepting there is something you want to change
  • accepting there are things you have yet to accept

are some of the first things you and your tantric masseuse do in your practice.

While every massage is different and every masseuse has her personal preference there is just something so necessary about looking inward and simply accepting that without it the massage won’t be nearly as gratifying.

Each person has their different needs for acceptance and as long as it all comes within you then you can always achieve it.

For tantric massages from Minx Massage the most common things people have to accept is that they’re in need of pleasure.

Sometimes thinking of the word need makes us feel like we’ve somehow failed at getting other people to please us but the truth is the only person that can fully please us is ourselves. By accepting that you haven’t been perfect at doing that (which many people aren’t) you’re already taking the most important step in the right direction.

Just let go and accept that you want this to happen because you’ve been missing something in your life. Accept that you have a yearning that you think only your masseuse can fulfill and as you do accept her healing hands, her curves, her touch, and her voice. As you do then accept that what she’s doing feels good, accept that you want to tell her that it feels incredible.

Accept that you feel vulnerable and let yourself swim in the emotions that might come up during your massage. It’s all a cycle of acceptance that leads to the ultimate reward in the end.

If you’re unable to accept pleasure and wanting it then how do you expect to get the biggest reward of all? Put away your wall of egotism and instead allow yourself to revel in pleasure and sensuality with a little bit of acceptance a whole lot of passion.

There is a sort of double standard in the world (alright there are a lot of them but bear with me) where it’s okay for a person to be sensual but only if they look a certain way and the truth is most of us don’t look that way.

We are shamed for being the most natural thing in the world: sensual, because every single one of us is sensual in their own way. No matter what, we don’t need a couple of drinks or anything like that to express to the world that we are sensual beings along with everything else we are. It’s not about being sloppy but about expressing our desires and needs with our bodies and our minds no matter what we look like.

Banter News thumbnail-13  Banter News thumbnail-14  Tantric massages are a great way to learn to relax about our sensuality and learn that expressing it can only lead to wean out the people that are only there to give negative opinion and leave us with those that understand us as we are.

Through the closeness and passion of tantric massages we learn that hiding our sexual energy only leads to seeming desperate or cold.

As long as we are doing with respect and conscientiously then we should be free to communicate with our bodies that we’re interested in someone without feeling like we’re doing something wrong.

Touching someone, flirting, being free and happy and even having sex with them is not only okay but it’s healthy as long as it’s done with purpose. Tantric massages teach you about purposeful touch and about purposeful sensuality.

If you want to jump start your acceptance of yourself, your body and your sensuality all while having the most intimate massage of your life make sure you book a tantric massage with us.

You will learn to allow yourself to be open to pleasure and above all how to ask for it and how to give it in ways you never thought you could do before.

That alone is worth the ‘price of admission’!

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