Top 5 Celebs Who Could Be Escorts

We all have our fantasies about who we would like to go on our dream date with. We were talking with the owners over at VIP Luton Escorts the other evening and got into quite a heated debate about which celebrities if any would be a part of our ideal agency. What started off as quite a simple conversation seemed to escalate very quickly and became a business plan for the mythical agency that we wished we could own. We had different lists for high class, cheap, Asian, all in all, we probably went too far. The truth is that there is no right or wrong answer and to pick only 5 was nearly impossible but this is the best of what we could come up with.

5. Eva Mendes

Banter News eva-mendes-hot-300x240  The first on our list is one that we agreed on nearly instantly. With a string of sexual charged films and scenes that would make your mother turn away, this beauty would make a great dinner date. Her body is incredible and the facial features are so striking and recognisable. We may be making it up but Eva would be an incredible Latina escort who could be passionate and seductive in one fell swoop. Her notable appearances in films include Hitch with Will Smith and an incredible scene at the beginning of We Own The Night that sent every young boy scurrying to the bathroom with an embarrassed look on their face. Number 5 must be Eva Mendes.

4. Hayden Panettiere

Banter News eva-mendes-hot-300x240  Banter News Hayden-Panettiere-7-206x300

This beauty was thrust onto our screens as a very young actress in Heroes. As the program moved through the seasons people seemed to lose interest but one thing that was not forgotten was how beautiful Hayden was. Now playing a spoilt country star in Nashville that seems intent on sleeping with every male member of the cast. Her new performances were a welcome return to the screen as men everywhere were now able to banish that slightly awkward feeling of fancying a girl who played someone only just old enough to be legal. Sure to be a definite favourite in our mythical agency. High class escort without a doubt.



3. Kaley Cuoco

Banter News eva-mendes-hot-300x240  Banter News Hayden-Panettiere-7-206x300  Banter News kaley-cuoco-esquire-magazine-latin-america-01-435x580-232x300  Ok at number 3 comes Kaley Cuoco. An interesting choice I wasn’t sure whether to add this in personally but my reasoning will soon have you convinced that she deserves her place in the list. Although maybe not as well known or fantasised over as Eva Mendes and Hayden Panetierre this is Penny out of the Big Bang Theory and we have included her as a specialist. For every geek in the world Penny or Kaley as she is known in the real world gives a glimmer of hope that one day they will get a date with a beautiful woman. This girl is a fantasy for so many geeks and comedy fans that we were sure that the phone would ring off the hook for bookings with the girl that inspired a generation of nerds to strive for better.



2.Olivia Wilde

Banter News eva-mendes-hot-300x240  Banter News Hayden-Panettiere-7-206x300  Banter News kaley-cuoco-esquire-magazine-latin-america-01-435x580-232x300  Banter News olivia-wilde  Olivia first came on to our radar during a let night session of watching House. The American series that stars Hugh Laurie in a very moody doctors role was give a massive lift when this beauty entered the show. She was a bisexual rocker who had a wild side. The biggest draw though was that for all of her wild extra curricular activities she was a clever doctor that spent the days working out some of the mysteries of medicine. Any one want to play doctors and nurses? We thought you might.





1.Jennifer Love Hewitt

Banter News eva-mendes-hot-300x240  Banter News Hayden-Panettiere-7-206x300  Banter News kaley-cuoco-esquire-magazine-latin-america-01-435x580-232x300  Banter News olivia-wilde  Banter News hothewitt5-218x300

Number one in this list was always going to be controversial. We have gone with Jennifer Love Hewitt because we love that sensual look of doe eyed innocence that we think masks a wild side. In Heartbreakers she is a seductress who uses her body and charm to get what she wants and we like to think that this would be the way she would approach escorting. Her boobs are amazing. Her body is incredible. Basically we can say she would be a massive hit for our agency. Although she might be a little older now Jennifer is definitely one of the sexiest women in the world. Many will disagree or have other opinions but we feel this would be our dream team of an agency.

Notable Mentions.

Duo Escorts.

How could we not have Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen as a duo escort partnership that would be every man’s fantasy. Twins? Gorgeous twins? Yes we feel this would be a a high class experience that you would not forget in a hurry. Enjoy a duo of girls that are both charming and have a bit of a wild side.

Ones We wish we had room for.

Cameron Diaz, Cheryl Cole, Beyonce, Mila Kunis (if only for her role in Friends With Benefits). When our agency expanded these would be our first acquisitions, or are we getting ahead of ourselves a little. OK maybe we have gone into far too much depth and thought for what was a simple conversation over a glass of wine. But do you think any of these girls would be open for discussions?

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